Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching Up With Anna Laszlo The Nameless Love Interview

Anna Laszlo has just released Nameless Love, a phenomenal vocalist from Hungary she agreed to field a few questions for us to celebrate her new release available 03/28/12.

Tell us about the album and its creative evolution...

A.L. - "When I start writing first I get myself into the mood of the song and then let the melody and lyrics develop simultaneously in my mind. Sometimes I just scribble down a few thoughts that might eventually turn into lyrics. English is a second language for me which has its own disadvantages and advantages; the disadvantage obviously being that I might never be able to express myself in English quite as powerfully,  exquisitely and to the point as I would in my mother tongue, however it is this lack of refinement that enables/enforces me to be more creative and come up with variations native speakers wouldn't usually do. Nevertheless,  the American pianist of this project, Larry Lofquist is a very talented lyricist and he was providing excellent advice on choosing the right words,  expressions or phrases and in fact has collaborated on some of the songs, too.I started writing songs in early 2009. These were emotionally very difficult times for me, and I felt the need to express my feelings through music. "Denial" was actually my very first composition. The other songs followed by slowly,  each one dedicated to a person and a sensation, so this collection of songs is like an emotional diary for me. It was during the fall of 2009 when I've met Alegre Correa in a small jazz club in Vienna and from then onwards we've come together pretty often to make music and these jamming sessions resulted us writing a few songs together. Alegre became a very important influence in my songwriting and in my attitude towards respecting the melody of the music and only play/sing as much as it is necessary. Around the end of 2010 Alegre came up with the idea of recording our songs and my ballads."

 How has American jazz or western improvised music influenced your writing?

A.L. - "My parents have always been huge jazz fans,  and as a child I was naturally exposed to the music they liked, so I practically grew up listening to Oscar Peterson,  Ella Fitzgerald,  Billie Holiday, Joe Pass, The Manhattan Transfer and so on... and this surely made a lasting impact. I remember when I was 12 or 13 I loved to sing along to the solo of Ella on “Don't be that way” from the album “Cheek to Cheek”. This is definitely the album that made me want to sing jazz."

Was there an ambient feel intended for this release? What do you hope listeners take with them?

A.L. - "This is very honest music, it was created without the intention to be popular or easy. We recorded the album in one studio room, playing next to each other, so we hardly did any post-production at the mixing. It was also my wish at the mixing to make my voice sound so naturally that it would give listeners the feeling I am actually sitting on the couch in their living room and singing right into their ears. I hope some people will feel this way."

What music do you listen to? Who was the last CD you purchased?

A.L. - "Mostly I listen to jazz,  my recent favorites include Anthony Molinaro, Elis Regina, Bill Frisell, Paolo Fresu, Anca Parghel, Benedikt Jahnel... I try to go to live concerts a lot, because I like the energy of good music and good musicians. The last CD I purchased - at a second-hand store in Paris - was the album "Parisian Sketches" from Max Roach. The last new release I bought was Silver Secrets from the Estonian vocalist Ingrid Lukas."

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