Monday, January 30, 2012

The October Trio New Dream Songlines 2012

Terms or genre labels such as free jazz or avant-garde emerged as a crutch for writers that either had no clue as to where the artist was coming from musically and...they had to call it something!

From Wikipedia:

There is no universally accepted definition of free jazz, and any proposed definition is complicated by many musicians in other styles drawing on free jazz, or free jazz sometimes blending with other genres. Many musicians also tend to reject efforts at classification, regarding them as useless or unduly limiting.

Long story short...Just play.

New Dream finds The October Trio with an amazing organic sound coupled with the subtle nuance of a hip hop rhythmic groove added just for flavor. With six original compositions and a delightful Bjork cover not to mention an eclectic Dirty Projectors riff with the tune "Imagine It." This is an open ended sound artfully mixed with a post modern vibe that is worth a listen! Perhaps not free jazz by definition, and since there is no real definition simply focus on the creativity. New Dream while having a warm yet earthy open ended sound has a distinct musical maturity all its own. While saxophonist Evan Artzen hails from the more straight ahead scene, drummer Dan Gaucher and bassist Josh Cole are more in tune with contemporary music from all genres helping to add great texture and depth to the musical melting pot.

"Do Your Thing" opens with an Ornette Coleman like vibe from saxophonist Evan Arntzen. A middle eastern flow of shifting harmonic development supported with the finesse of bassist Josh Cole and drummer Dan Gaucher. The stated goal or intent of New Dream is to showcase new music that is bright, aggressive and contains emotional depth. The title track "New Dream" is the best example of the trio's intent. A tune opening with the subtle rhythmic funk of bassist Cole develops into a three dimensional layered lyrical flow of ideas. "Potential Bog" kicks off with a slow smoldering vibe, a deep bass groove and the organic sound of Arntzen's clarinet give the tune a nice little pop and adds to a subtle dynamic tension.

New Dream captures the artistic intent with a mature sound that contains bits of controlled sonic fury and deep eclectic melody while remaining surprisingly accessible. Instead of putting an artistic mission statement in a pen to paper format, The October Trio simply plays.

From Evan Arntzen's singular articulated lines to the groove of Josh Cole and the finesse of Dan Gaucher, The October Trio succeeds in communicating their musical mission statement without words.
A unique trio sound that while occasionally dancing to the edge of the free jazz cliff, they never push the listener over the edge. An incredibly engaging and inventive release!

Tracks: 1983; Wide; Do Your Thing; New Dream; The Park; Imagine It; Potential Bog; You've Been Flirting Again.

Personnel: Evan Arntzen: tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet; Dan Gaucher: drums; Josh Cole: bass.