Monday, December 19, 2011

Nheap Clouds Under The Table AT 2011

Having often said pushing musical buttons as well as boundaries is the way i roll, enter "Nheap"

Two years in the making finds Clouds Under The Table as organic electronica but on a far more complex yet accessible scale. A vibrant and rich sonic color palette combined with soul shaking melodies and a live drum set move this music to a post rock/jazz fusion line where it music rests comfortably while creating an ambient pulse.

Introspective or perhaps thoughtful but never melancholy drummer Massimo Discepoli performs his own unique formula for experimental electronica while leaving a more strictly defined if not limiting label up to the listener. "Gradients" is the epitome of the ambient pulse, an organic sense of musical purpose and destination not limited by standard western improvisational form and formula. The abrupt switch from electronic to acoustic piano creates a dynamic tension with a mysterious and at times cinematic melodic undercurrent that attempt to seep into ones subconscious. "The Snow That Never Falls Down" is a musical manipulation of feeling and mood, the ambient pulse of changing time and evolving spatial boundaries. A zen like less is more use of electronic keys and drums adds the right splash of nuance to achieve the feeling of an event that happens but we never witness. The musical sound of one hand clapping. "Clouds Under The Table" continues the atmospheric approach to mood and a linear sonic development of motion while retaining a haunting simplicity.

Massimo Discepoli takes electronica to a different more zen like state. Organic yet artfully manipulated melodic textures that transform themselves into a more tranquil dynamic than one thought possible. It would be far too easy to dismiss this beautiful experience as computer generated  white noise. Clouds Under The Table is a well thought out and impeccably performed sonic food for the visceral as well as the cerebral and asks but one thing.


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