Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Duduke Da Fonseca Trio Plays Toninho Horta Zoho 2011

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio
Plays Toninho Horta

Street Date 11/08/11

Recorded in 2009, Brazilian drummer Duduka Da Fonseca releases an impressive follow up to his Latin Grammy-nominated "Brazilian Trio - Forests" project(Zoho,  2009), here Da Fonseca's trio takes on the work of perhaps the leading living Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Toninho Horta. The presentation of Horta's work is expansive yet introspective lyricism oddly ironic after the elimination of the Latin Grammy category from the Grammy awards. Da Fonseca was a Grammy nominee for his first solo release "Samba Jazz Fantasia" (Anzic, 2002).

Da Fonseca displays the rhythmic firepower that is his trademark on "Aqui, Oh!" with a subtle yet gentle undercurrent of harmonic movement prodivded by pianist David Feldman with bassist Guto Wirtti bridging the gap between Da Fonseca and Feldman forming a distinctive swing and motion that capture the essence of one of Brazil's finest.

Having met Feldman and Wirttis on a previous recording session and with the obvious chemistry the musical light bulb went off in Da Fonseca's head to approach Horta's work with the same effervescent spirit that Horta is known for. "Bicycle Ride" captures the lyrical swing of Horta with bassist Wirtti stretching out with the support of Da Fonseca and Feldman. The gorgeous "Moonstone" may be the highlight of the release showing the depth of feeling and expression most trios work for their entire career but never pull off with this type of subtle elegance and charm. "Francisca" is another lyrical gem built around a tight groove and the innate ability of three musicians to communicate among themselves as one harmonious thought.

Da Fonseca sets the trio up for success by allowing all three the necessary room for individual expression while keeping the tunes fresh, inventive and above all swinging! Having fallen in love with Da Fonseca as part of the Rufus Reid Trio Outfront, Da Fonseca's trio is a force to be reckoned with be it Latin or any other genre one could name.

From Da Fonseca's rich history with the bossa nova to performing on over 200 releases with artists such as Tom Harrell, Gerry Mulligan and Joe Henderson, Da Fonseca's interpretations of Horta's work show the true genius of an artist. No matter what category or label you attempt to pin on Da Fonseca, it will always swing!

Tracks: Aqui, Oh!; Bicycle Ride; Moonstone; Francisca; Aquelas Coisas Todas; De Ton Pra Tom; Waiting For Angela; Luisa; Retrato Do Gato.

Personnel: Duduka Da Fonseca: drums; David Feldman: piano; Guto Wirtti: bass.

A taste of both Da Fonseca ( from earlier this year ) via You Tube
Trio da Paz: Romero Lobamdo: acoustic guitar; Nilson Matta: bass; Dudka Da Fonseca: drums.

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