Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Critical Perspective : Occupying Jazz Street

Not only has renegade NFL Owner Al Davis passed away but freedom of speech can also be officially laid to rest at the hands of political correctness. Ideology of convenience can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of those not open to fair and reasonable intellectual discourse.

Since "Occupy Wall Street" has been a focal point on the Internet as well as broadcast news, this group of fully funded and organized economic terrorists have had their message spread to face book and the sometimes close knit jazz community in which I am at best, "tolerated" - at least by some.

Some would consider the use of "economic terrorists" as "fear mongering." There is a difference between emotional opinion and verifiable fact, never confuse one for the other. The anti-capitalism magazine Adbusters is behind these protests as stated in the link supplied below.
I stress anti-capitalism. Capitalism works. Ford Motor Company did not allow itself to be absorbed when Obama decided to go into the car business. I live in a Ford town and as Ford dug itself out of its hole then smaller companies that manufacture windshields, seats etc. began to hire more workers. Not the other way around.

Another important piece of documented fact is Bin Laden is on record as stating the bankruptcy of America was a prime objective.

Does Obama support "Occupy Wall Street"? To be fair, he has not thrown his "support" behind these leeches on society but he has also not "reached across the aisle" in the spirit of bi-partisanship as promised numerous times before assuming the Presidency.

"Occupy Wall Street" seems to forget that it is Obama's poorly thought out "financial reform" that is directly responsible for banks raising fees with the most recent documented case being Bank of America. Bush started the bailouts and that was wrong. Obama took a bad idea and made it far worse with the citizens that can handle basic math picking up the tab for those that can not. Obama fed the beast. So where is the protest? Bank of America customers are now paying  $60.00 a year for the privledge of a debit card. Health care costs have also risen. These people will get their money, you can pay me now or pay me later.

Obama receives millions from Wall Street: see below-

Arguing political ideology is like arguing religion, the best you can hope for is a push.

Having recently posted a review/interview on an up and coming straight ahead jazz musician, I was stunned to find out that I was not permitted to post anything remotely close to the factual information listed above. As a source of free and glowing publicity for his career though I seemed to be "his guy." Interesting.

Things took an ugly turn when the "friend" of another straight ahead musician ( without the musicians knowledge) contacted me via the email formerly listed on my account and stated that people such as I should be and I quote, " silenced permanently."

Freedom of speech allows one to post anything on their page provided it stays within the accepted terms of service of face book so again, ideology is a push. For artists to engage in overt censorship simply because they have had holes blown in their argument that even a bad paralegal could accomplish is going in the opposite direction of the diversity they so adamantly seek.

The vast majority of "friends" on an artists face book page are no more concerned about the artists individual stance on politics and religion as they are my specific/personal opinion on a new release. Their primary concern is the music - is it good? While at times I fully realize walking away from these encounters may be the wiser option the real question on the table is this:

How smart is it for an artist to run the risk of alienating their fan base simply based on a personal value system that should never be questioned? I don't question liberalism, I question the presentation and the inaccurate if not outright omission of factual data as I have supplied here in order to make my case.

Jazz continues to have the lowest sales of pre-recorded music of any genre and artists that engage in self serving censorship to simply promote their ideological agenda would be far better served by spending their time on their music.

This is not a blanket condemnation of those hitting from the left side of the political plate that would be as unfair and inaccurate as the belief that all conservatives support the tea party movement. I do not. This is advice for a select few from a renegade jazz journalist:

Never bite the hand that feeds you.