Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brett Garsed Dark Matter 2011

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Brett Garsed  Dark Matter 2011

Do not let the title "Dark Matter" fool you. The very first thing that will grab you is the fresh vitality of his performance and technique or to borrow a line from the movie Crossroads "that boy can play."

Garsed may be flying under your musical radar, a stealth guitarist with as much talent, texture and taste in his playing as you will find anywhere. "Dark Matter" is an incredible display of what was once considered "classic fusion" but has now lost its way either as "progressive" or going to the extreme as "metal." Some have described this release as "prog-metal" and I take immediate issue with that. "Dark Matter" embodies jazz sensibilities that cover a wide range of styles to satisfy the most discerning listeners sonic palette. Old school fusion made accessible not by commercialism but by an amazing display of musical fire power.

Free expression. True musical freedom is rare from a stylistic point of view but Garsed seems to relish the opportunity. Normally a release of this nature smacks of desperation for some sort of cross over attention. Brett Garsed simply plays. Garsed is a musician first and foremost which is why trying to force him into a musical pigeon hole would never work, he is consistent but never predictable which makes the excitement literally bleed through your speakers! Drummer Gary Pantazis and bassist Ric Fierabracci lay down a solid groove as they play "with" Brett Garsed and not "around" him. Phil Turcio plays keyboards and Craig Newman makes a musical cameo on bass. "Dark Matter" is one clear musical mission statement designed to touch your soul and set your hair on fire all at the same time!

Garsed's resume is equally as impressive having worked with such luminaries as Frank Gambale, Dennis Chambers and Allan Holdsworth to name some jazz/rock fusion titans. "Dark Matter" is the second solo release from this Australian guitarist, one of the finest fusion based releases you will come across - maybe ever!

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