Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daniel Bennett Group Peace & Stability Among Bears Bennett Alliance 2011

Peace and Stability Among Bears

Peace & Stability Among Bears  Bennett Alliance Records 2011

Daniel Bennett: Alto Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet
Chris Hersch: Guitar
Jason Davis: Bass
Rick Landwehr: Drums

As someone that considers himself, "well informed" I had no idea that war and instability were issues plaguing the bear community. I'll come back to the title later...

Daniel Bennett is a New York based saxophonist who is billed as playing a mix of jazz, folk and trance. Trance? For me it is "be-bop unplugged." I like it...
I had the chance to "chat" with Bennett recently and asked him to tell me about his influences. Daniel mentions minimalist composers such as Phillip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley along with his love for American Folk Music. These minimalist influence do indeed play a key role in a very unique and captivating sound that Bennett brings to the table. Odd time signatures and mixed meters allow for a nice texture of sound. An ebb and flow that takes one back to perhaps early Pat Metheny or Oregon.

Now...Back to the title. "Peace & Stability Among Bears" comes from a trilogy of albums called The Bear Thompson Trilogy based on a fictional cartoon bear. I have to admit; I do not get the conceptual aspect behind this recording but the really nice thing is that when a release is this strong - I really do not have to.

High Points: Too many to list. High marks on sound quality, disc packing, musicality...
Low Points: None that I can hear.

As an independent critic I tend to hold independent artists to a different standard. The irony is not lost. If I am anything I am consistent. Remember; the Constitution guarantees us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - not a record deal. Bennett should be the exception.

Daniel Bennett should make people sit up and take notice with this release. Defying strict or standard categorization Bennett is charting his own musical path. The sonic color pallet from which Bennett paints is uniquely his own. A true musical breath of fresh air.

The road less traveled.

I would like to thank Daniel for chatting with me and encourage you to check out
One of the better web sites I have seen where you can check out the video as well as find out about the making of this highly entertaining disc! Daniel is also sharing the stage at the end of June with Greg Osby so if you live in New York, this is one show you should NOT miss!

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