Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pear - Extemp'ore PSCD 2011

Pear  Extemp'ore PSCD 2011

Rick Milne - Percussion

Nick Pierone - Keyboards

Every fiber of my being tells me that I should really hate this release...I rarely listen to others so why should I pay much attention to myself. I would be wrong.

Pushing musical boundaries all while innovative, evocative and with an incredible sonic depth of field. The debut from Pear opens the musical senses but asks you to do but one thing.


The amount of time, thought and creative energy put into this release must be mind boggling. A musical frame of reference would be later more experimental Miles Davis meets Brian Eno. Welcome to the land of rhythm and groove.

Improvisation. Being in the musical moment is the celebration that is "Extempore." One special guest that gives a phenomenal performance is bassist Jennifer Leitham. This is truly a release that will give up something new of itself with each spin of the disc. "Subtle nuances" prevail whether the Miles Davis sampled spoken word intro to "Dewey Miles" or the rapper Cindy Wonderful this may be the finest example of a free jazz recording session to date.

As a traditional jazz fan and straight ahead tenor player I found the release hard to turn away from.

Creativity abounds. Avaunt Gard but accessible. A sonic color pallet for the mind

Jazz gone viral?

Buy or Sell?


special thanks to amy at dl media for helping me push my musical limits...i dont normally do change!