Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Omar Hakim The Trio of Oz Ozmosis Records 2010

The Trio of Oz  Ozmosis Record 2010

It seems like Omar Hakim was in the jazz witness protection program for some time...

This 2010 release slipped past me and it may have escaped your notice as well. It should not.

Hakim's career is legendary having worked with Miles Davis, Sting and Weather Report to drop but a few names off his impressive musical resume.

On "The Trio of Oz" Omar Hakim teams up with pianist Rachel Z and bassist Maeve Royce to release a trio recording that simply swings like a beast. Rachel whose playing is somewhere between the Blue Note work of Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner gives an impressive performance and having worked with legends such as Wayne Shorter and Peter Gabriel, is probably the perfect fit for the trio anchored by Maeve Royce on bass.

The most fascinating and engaging part of this disc is that they cover work from Alice In Chains, Depeche Mode, Stone Temple Pilots, Cold Play and The Police and their arrangements fit perfectly into the jazz idiom in which they are being presented. True artistry is reached when you can take some of these tunes and breath new life into them by making them your own without disrespecting either the original or yourself.

Hakim has never played better. Rachel Z is a pianist that more people should begin to take note of and Royce is as artistic as they come on acoustic bass.

A rich, full yet incredibly organic sound that leaves the listener longing for more.

An absolute must!

High Points - Too many to list.
Low Points - 0

Special thanks to Michael Bloom Media for helping me track down the one that got away!