Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Collin Vallon Trio Rruga ECM 2011

Collin Vallon Rruga  ECM 2011 - Release date 5/10/11

Collin Vallon - Piano
Patrice Moret - Bass
Samuel Rohrer - Drums

Intriguing. Uniquely beautiful.

Consistency and direction may be the watch words with the ECM debut of Collin Vallon.

There is a simple melodic texture, one built on a deep and rich color palette but anchored firmly by chord colors and timbre. A perfect example of east meets west. From folk music of the world to the Wayne Shorter Quartet there is an intriguing and inventive merging of musical visions while adhering to the zen like less is more concept that makes this release so inviting.


Vallon while working in a very collaborative setting has an uncanny gift for being able to strip the music down only to then build it back up with the type of dynamic tension that is rare - when done artistically.
From Bulgarian folks songs to drawing on playing experience with artists such as Tom Harrell, Vallon may be the European counterpart to Gerald Clayton.

A new direction for the piano trio.

Producer Manfred Eicher plays a pivotal role in presenting one of the finest piano trio recordings ECM has introduced all year.

A rising star.