Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They Say It's My Birthday...

A bit self indulgent for an individual to is my birthday so screw it.
Taking a couple of much needed days off.  Wanted to say thanks again, I realize some people are rubbed the wrong way by my approach but just like music - taste is subjective. I do appreciate the time though...Never thought I would see another birthday as I have cheated death four times this year and doctors were writing me off I am, the critical cockroach you just can not kill. Enjoy Thanksgiving, appreciate what you have as others may not be nearly as lucky. Still drawing a breath? Then you are ahead of the game my friends...
Be Well,

More From MoonJune!

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Serbian-Japanese combo from New York City YAGULL
releases its official debut for MoonJune Records and finds the band expanding its post-rock
chamber soundtrack concept to great effect on this highly-polished sophomore effort.
Dear MoonJune Friends in Music
Yagull's official debut for MoonJune Records, Kai, finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect.  The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the lines drawn by traditional genres -- delightfully teasing the palette, while appealing to an expansive range of music aficionados! The group delivers twelve songs on this joyous outing: eight brand new compositions; two tunes from their previous album Films, reworked and revisited; plus, two tastefully-revised classic rock covers (Deep Purple and Free). The tracks showcase Yagull's considerably potent stylistic capacity, making for a savory, finely-polished sophomore release.This new effort finds Yagull now launching itself from a duo framework -- with Sasha Markovic being joined by the extraordinary pianist, Kana Kamitsubo -- this most special of occasions is perfectly accentuated by a host of guest contributors; featuring fellow MoonJune international recording maestros, Beledo (guitar, lute) and Dewa Budjana (guitar), in addition to Marko Djordjevic (drums), and many other great musicians. With Kai, Sasha, Kana & company have embarked on a majestic journey that will appeal to a broad range of listeners ... and carry them along for the ride!

Direct link: ==>
For more info, sound clips and to purchase the CD or the BandCamp high-res download.
$13+ shipping (CD) and $10 High Res Download

Yours truly

• 71 tunes / 75+hrs of Progressive Music
    • Includes unlimited streaming via Bandcamp 
    • High-quality download in FLAC, MP3-320 + more.

Buy Now  $2 USD  or more  (Suggested donation $5.00+)
From MoonJune's HQ @ Union Square, Manhattan, New York City

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

As Ferguson Burns...

As Ferguson burns...

Let it burn...These low life scum bags are outraged over the death of some punk who was clearly shown on video robbing a store only minutes before Officer Wilson did their area a public service and smoked the little stool sample when he went for his gun....

And these scum bags are upset? Let the city burn and then shoot the rest that want to endanger the public. Allow me to ask a question...How much sense does it make to burn down your economic base thanks to some fat ass loser that thinks they are some kind of bad ass?

Not about race folks, it is all about being stupid and Michael Brown was stupid in spades...Now he is off our planet and world is a better place.

Later homie...Much later!

New Jimmy Greene is a reflection on the tragic loss of life of his daughter at Sandy Hook!

Mack Avenue logo

Available Now on Mack Avenue Records:
Saxophonist JIMMY GREENE Reflects on the
Life and Loss of his Daughter, Tragically Killed in
Sandy Hook Shooting, with Beautiful Life

Album Features Special Guests Including
Kenny Barron, Javier Colon, Kurt Elling,
and Pat Metheny, Among Others

"Music has a unique way of communicating and healing. I'm so thankful that music
is my profession - that I am able to write and arrange to create settings that convey the
emotions I experience, not the least of which is the pain that my family and I have
endured at a time when words fail." - Jimmy Greene

Jimmy Greene's new release, Beautiful Life on Mack Avenue Records, is a celebration of the life of his 6-year-old daughter, Ana Márquez-Greene, whose life was tragically taken, along with 19 other children and 6 educators, on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
"I want the music to reflect the way that Ana lived," Greene says. He fulfills that mandate with an intense, cohesive, genre-spanning program-juxtaposing the hardcore instrumental jazz for which he is best known with traditional spirituals, contemporary Christian music, standard ballads and three original songs framing his own lyrics. Animating the repertoire is a gold-standard rhythm section (Renee Rosnes, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Lewis Nash, drums), augmented at various points by guitarists Pat Metheny and Jonathan DuBose, Jr.; pianists Kenny Barron and Cyrus Chestnut; vocalists Kurt Elling, Javier Colon and Latanya Farrell; spoken word from Tony® Award-winning actress Anika Noni Rose; a 13-piece string ensemble from the Hartford Symphony Orchestra; as well as an accomplished children's choir.
Greene himself is one of the most respected saxophonists of his generation since graduating from Hartt School of Music in 1997. He composed or arranged every selection and plays tenor and soprano saxophones as well as flute with customary authority, melodic focus and abiding soulfulness.
Jimmy Greene and Ana Márquez-Greene
Photo Credit: K. Rifkind Photography
"In the days after my daughter was killed, playing and writing music wasn't even a thought," the 39-year-old saxophonist says. "I was very much in shock, grieving deeply and trying to just function coherently. Family and friends surrounded us and held us up, and we received 10,000 communications-emails, texts, Facebook messages, voice calls, letters-from people around the world. The community of musicians was front and center for that support. When I called, they responded, 'Whatever you need, just say the word, and I'll be there.'"
In late January 2013, Greene, feeling that "I needed to get back to some sense of routine," resumed a regimen of practice and composition. Soon thereafter, Norman Chesky, the co-owner of Chesky Records and HDtracks, reached out with an extraordinary offer.
"An intense amount of media attention was focused on my family and all of us in Newtown, so I was fairly guarded whenever communicating with someone for the first time," Greene relates. "But Norman offered to donate the production of a recording that I could do whenever I was ready, and to give me complete ownership. I was humbled and honored by his generosity, and began to devote my energies to the project."
Greene decided to weave lyrics and singers into the flow for the first time on one of his recordings. "Ana loved to sing and listen to singers, and had a wonderful singing voice," he explains. "So an album dedicated to her memory needed to have singers and songs that were important to her and me and my family."
"Many people have asked what they can do to help, and this is my answer," Greene says. "Let's remember what happened at Sandy Hook. We can each hold up our end of the bargain, which is to somehow learn to love ourselves, and then see past ourselves and love our neighbor. That's pretty simple, but if we all did it, I think our existence would be different."
A portion of the proceeds from Beautiful Life will be donated to the following charities in Ana's name:
  • The Ana Grace Project of Klingberg Family Centers - initiated by Greene's wife Nelba, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to promote love, community and connection for every child and family through partnerships with schools, mental health providers, community organizations and faith leaders.
  • The Artists Collective - where generations of children and families in Greater Hartford have gained access to world-class training in the arts.
About Jimmy Greene:

A native of Hartford, CT, saxophonist, composer, and educator Jimmy Greene has emerged as a positive presence in the jazz world. His 9 solo recordings, released on various labels including RCA Victor, Sunnyside, and Criss Cross, have been met with much critical acclaim. In addition to his recordings and appearances as a leader, Greene appears on over 70 albums as a sideman, and has toured and/or recorded with Horace Silver, Tom Harrell, Freddie Hubbard, Harry Connick, Jr., Avishai Cohen, Kenny Barron, Lewis Nash, Steve Turre, the New Jazz Composers Octet and the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band, among many others.
Greene is Assistant Professor of Music and Co-Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. Previously, he served as Assistant Professor of Jazz Saxophone at the University of Manitoba (2009-2012). Greene was selected to receive the 2013 Governor's Arts Award in Connecticut, as well as grants and honors as a composer from ASCAP/IAJE (2006), Chamber Music America (2004), the State of Connecticut (2004) and the City of Hartford (2009).
Upcoming Jimmy Greene Performances:
December 5 / Hagman Concert Hall, WCSU Performing Arts Center / Danbury, CT
December 11 - 13 / Jazz Standard / New York, NY
January 2 - 3 / Side Door Jazz Club / Old Lyme, CT
January 25 - February 1 / The Jazz Cruise / Various Locations
February 15 / Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival / Rockville, MD
March 1 / Skidmore College / Saratoga Springs, NY
April 13 / New Jersey City University (w/ NJCU Jazz Ensemble) / Jersey City, NJ

Jimmy Greene · Beautiful Life
Mack Avenue Records  ·  Release Date: November 24, 2014  
For more information on Jimmy Greene, please visit:

Tyler Hinton Hooptie Tune 2014

Indian Summer, Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hinton - The next John Myer? Yes...Only better!

Brent Black / critical

Tyler Hinton is an entertainer be it music or acting.  The embodiment of what the singer / songwriter is all about we find an artist comfortable inside his on skin and would like to join you in your skin as well but...he does it though song. Independent yet with the interest of WEA, Hilton has progressed faster than most independents and with a considerable amount of credits to add to his resume...While Indian Summer is but a taste of what Hilton can muster, the best may still yet to come.

Appearing on the Walk The Line Soundtrack is certainly a feather in artist's cap, Indian Summer is his own uniquely personal look at life and all the fun baggage that comes along for the ride. A bit more country or at least from an alternative country perspective ha Hilton doing some incredibly creative material and showing just how far he stretch as an artist.

Alternative  country, folk  or whatever works has Tyler Hilton leading the charge for a new and much needed musical revolution. Allow rap to die a natural death and allow us to bring American root music and melody back from the witness protection program....


Anna Wilson Jazzbird/ Songbird Transfer 2014

Good...Not great.
Brent Black /
Anna Wilson is a lyrical stylist that can and had risen to the top of the pack quickly...Problem is she never really gets out of the starting gate. Vocally....pristine . Song selection can and is often a killer as two particular standout tracks include the Fleetwood Mac cover " Songbird" and Gershwins's " Jazzy Little Bird." The arrangements are where the release begins to slowly fall apart but not from the lyrical style that is Anna Wilson.
Overall there is not much here to rave about...better than average however a jazz infused pop release to be kind....
 4 Stars.